First look: #ArabianNights production photos!

Arabian Nights is OPEN! Our first family show outside the gates of St Paul's in five years has hit Hoxton Hall this September, and we're there all the way until October 13th. You can grab your tickets RIGHT NOW from our box office, but before then - check out Ali Wright's amazing photos of the … Continue reading First look: #ArabianNights production photos!


VIDEO: Check out Arabian Nights rehearsals!

Arabian Nights rehearsals are wrapping up this week but before we move into the theatre, we thought we'd visit and get some insight into the show from Daniel Winder (director), Pravessh Rana and Sharon Singh (actors) and Maddy Ross-Masson (costume designer)! Check out what they had to say - and get an exclusive preview on … Continue reading VIDEO: Check out Arabian Nights rehearsals!

Introducing: Our #ArabianNights cast!

#AutumnIsComing! And that means that #ArabianNights is round the corner - we started rehearsals this week! Today we're thoroughly excited to introduce you to the cast of the show, which opens 12th September at Hoxton Hall! Joining us on the journey are Pravessh Rana, Maya Britto, Ikky Elyas, Izzy Jones, Sharon Singh, and Hemi Yeroham. Arabian Nights is written by Nessah Muthy … Continue reading Introducing: Our #ArabianNights cast!