Announcing our 2020 Summer Season… and a whole lot more!

Towards the end of last year, we introduced you to Iris Theatre’s new artistic and executive directors, and today, we’re delighted to unveil their first season with Iris Theatre: starting with 2020’s summer shows A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Robin Hood. We’re also announcing three new development schemes, supporting break-out talent in London, early-career directors, and set and costume designers who are just getting started… making it our biggest bumper announcement in years! So without further ado…

Escape to the Forest

This summer, escape to the forest, where fairies, lovers and a travelling band of actors await magical wonderment in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and where Robin Hood and her merry men plot to take on the corrupt Sheriff of Nottingham for one final showdown.

EARLY BIRD tickets are on sale until 29th February from our box office!

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

17th June – 18th July

The young Athenian nobleman Demetrius is set to marry his bride Hermia, and their parents are overjoyed. The only problem is she’s in love with someone else. Fleeing the broken court, and her impending nuptials, Hermia escapes to the forest beyond the city, ready to elope.

There, deep in an enchanted forest of lights, new mysteries await her. A feuding fairy King and Queen plot revenge, a band of travelling misfit actors prepare their latest performance, and a magical trickster, ready to cause mischief, has other ideas for the young lovers’ midsummer’s night.

Robin Hood

23rd July – 30th August

Robin Hood has one shot to uproot the Sheriff of Nottingham’s oppressive reign, and bring down the usurping Prince John. Together with her merry men, she can liberate the people, but she’ll need some help from the inside to pull off her most daring heist. Can her arrow hit its final mark?

Join us in Sherwood Forest for an action-packed adventure for all the family this summer, and experience the world premiere of a brand new adaptation of one of England’s oldest tales.

Iris’ summer season has become a critically-acclaimed, award-winning part of the theatrical calendar each year. Taking place across the grounds of the Actors’ Church as well as inside Inigo Jones’s masterpiece, the summer shows are an escape from the hustle and bustle, and an experience like no other… and we can’t wait for you to join us!

Remember, you can save up to 33% on tickets if you buy on our early bird sale before 29th February 2020 – just head over to our box office to find out more!


PLATFORM is Iris Theatre’s newest initiative to support break-out mid-career artists taking the next steps in their professional life.

At its core, PLATFORM provides a showcase opportunity for creatives to show off a wide array of their work in an as-risk-free-as-possible environment. But it’s also a network, a loudhailer, a community of the next generation of world-leading artists in London.

Our first PLATFORM-er is DYLAN WYNFORD, and his showcase event is on-sale now!

If you’re interested in finding out more about how to become a PLATFORM-er, head on over to our website. Applications are open year-round!


Start is Iris Theatre’s new scheme to support young-in-career artists who are ready to get their hands dirty – people who are interested in a career in theatre, but haven’t got too far down the road yet. We’re going to support eight people over the course of 2020 in a practical environment, structured around two key pillars of learning and mentorship.

For four directors with little-to-no experience of making theatre at the helm of the creative team, and who haven’t received any vocational training in directing for the stage. startDIRECTING is an entry-level programme taking place twice a month over six months, with the opportunity to also assistant direct one of our summer season shows.

For four set or costume designers, who’ve just got started or are in or recent graduates from training, giving them the opportunity to be a part of making mid-scale theatre during our summer season. The core principle is to provide an associate designer placement on one of our summer shows, working directly with a seasoned professional in the world of design.

Start is kindly supported by the Mackintosh Foundation and the Aspinwall Educational Trust.

Applications for both schemes are open until Friday 28th February 2020 – so get on over to our website, read more, and apply!

Support us

We’ve also rethought the way we approach fundraising for 2020. As well as reshaping the way we apply for funding from grant-giving organisations, we’re asking you – yes you! – if you’d consider supporting us on an ongoing basis. PLATFORM is entirely unfunded, and trust funding makes up less than 15% of our summer season budget each year, meaning we run on a knife-edge. Just the price of a cup of coffee per month would make a huge difference to our work and enable us to expand the opportunities we can offer to emerging and break-out artists – take a look at our new DonorBox profile for more information.

And that’s our announcements! Head on over to our website or to our box office for more information on every event and scheme – and drop us a line at if you want to say hello!