Spotlight on Nick Hart for #FestiveFolklore!

Festive Folklore is only one day away, and what better way to round off our spotlights of some of the creatives behind the show than with Nick Hart, our musical director and composer.

As we continue to warm up for our Christmas production, you can take your worry away and get your tickets right now – we’d love to see you there.

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Nick Hart is a composer and musical director with a specialist interest in European vernacular music. He has, since childhood, been immersed in the English folk tradition and is a noted exponent of both the instrumental and song traditions of that country. He started his career in theatre as an actor/musician, appearing in several productions with flabbergast theatre, and most notably Shakespeare in Love in the West End. More recently, he has concentrated on composing and musical direction, working on several collaborations with director Paul-Ryan Carberry, as well as Flabbergast’s ‘Macbeth‘ at Wilton’s Music Hall. He has provided music for radio and television including radio 4’s ‘The People’s Post‘, Peaky Blinders and has released two solo albums of English folk songs.

In order to allow you all to get to know our artistic collaborators, we have decided to include a Q&A tailored towards this special holiday season as well as the artist’s contribution to our event! See below to learn more about Nick!

What can you tell us about your Festive Folklore piece?

The selection of music I have chosen for this performance reflects, for me, the many aspects of Christmas. Some pieces celebrate the sense of joy and merriment and the gastronomic delights that the season has to offer, while others remind us of the importance of looking after those less fortunate than ourselves. Many of the more religious pieces that I have chosen reflect a sense of hope, perhaps more specifically, a hope for change.

What made you include these themes? 

I am not a Christian, but as a socialist, the ideals of good will, selflessness and community that are at the heart of the Christian celebration are very important to me. The English carol tradition also enjoys a greater sense of musical continuity than almost any other aspect of our traditional music, and is therefore worth celebrating at any opportunity.

What is your favorite Christmas story? 

My mother hula hooping in the middle of the road after several glasses of cava.

Mince pies or Christmas pudding?

 Mince Pies

Eggnog or Mulled wine?

Mulled Wine

Mistletoe or wine?


All you want for Christmas is…?  


Early or last minute shopper?

Last minute, if at all

What is your favorite Christmas memory?

At sixth form college, singing carols with the rest of the music department.

Favorite Christmas cracker joke? 

I have never enjoyed a cracker joke.

Thank you for keeping up with our #FestiveFolklore! collaborator introductions! We are so excited to be working with these very talented artists and to be joined by you all at the performance! Happy Holidays!

Festive Folklore! is a one night event on 5th December at St Paul’s, Covent Garden – get your tickets now!