Celebrate the World Cup with #IrisMusketeers!

World Cup fever has hit the globe and we want to celebrate!

With The Three Musketeers bringing together both France and England in a special immersive performance this summer in the heart of Theatreland, we want to pledge our support. So, for every goal that England or France score we’re knocking 25p off the price of adult tickets* to #IrisMusketeers… but here’s the catch: as soon as one of those teams gets knocked out of the tournament, their goals don’t count any more.

As an extra bonus – if France or England win the tournament we’ll knock an extra £2 off for a week!

UPDATE: So, with 10 goals scored to date (11th July) by France, and England out of the race that means adult tickets for The Three Musketeers are £2.50 cheaper – but will you book now, or will you gamble and see if France can go all the way?

AND tweet us your World Cup purchases @iristheatre with the hashtag #MusketeersWorldCup for a chance to win a bottle of Prosecco when you come to the show!


* excluding previews, unless the price drops below the preview price, in which case previews will follow suit!