The Tempest – Design First Peek

With the Kickstarter campaign for H.R.Haitch now complete (thank you to our AMAZING donors) we’re excited to share this first look at the design for our summer opening production of The Tempest.

Directed by resident Iris Theatre Artistic Director, Daniel Winder, our production is inspired by the courtly royal masques of the 17th century, and the designs of Inigo Jones (the architect behind the design of St. Paul’s Church). The Tempest will evoke a feeling of magic and illusion on the grounds of St. Paul’s Church.

Scenic Design

Set Designer Mike Leopold has been hard at work creating a versatile design that blends seamlessly into Inigo Jones’s architecture and captures the shipwreck and ancient world feel of the Tempest.

3-dimensional renderings of Mike’s designs for the grounds of St. Paul’s Church –

Costume Design

Costume Designer Anna Sances has been basking in inspiration from the 1600s collection at the Victoria & Albert Museum and Inigo Jones’s masque sketches to create her vibrant and highly detailed designs.

Design sketches for Prospero, Ariel, Miranda, and Caliban – 

More behind-the-scenes peeks to come and as summer quickly approaches, keep an eye out for new content for The Three Musketeers as well.


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