From Page to Stage

The Origins of H.R.Haitch

H.R.Haitch was originally developed in 2015 as part of our Workin Process new musical development programme. The brainchild of artists, Luke Bateman and Maz Evans, in May 2018 H.R.Haitch will make its Off-West End debut…but how did we get here?

Luke and Maz met during our Blind Date songwriting competition way back in 2012 when they were both new emerging talents to the scene. At the time, Luke was an up-incoming composer and Maz was looking for new opportunities outside of journalism and writing children’s books. After winning the competition as a composer & writer team, we knew that we had a winning collaboration on our hands, so it was only natural to extend an invitation to the dynamic duo to join our Workin Process program in 2015. Through the programme which helps facilitate and support new musical theatre, a workshop performance of H.R.Haitch emerged with Tori Allen-Martin playing the story’s heroine, Chelsea.

After the success of the workshop performance which included positive feedback from attendees, we at Iris began looking for the perfect time and place to spring this new musical to life into a fully staged production. When real life events with the royal family begun to mirror Luke and Maz’s fictional tale, we knew we had found our moment to take H.R.Haitch from page to stage and here it comes!


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