Announcing: H.R.Haitch, a right royal musical comedy

Surprise! We’ve got a new show for you from Iris Towers, and this one’s a goodie…

If you’ve been following Iris for a while then you may remember that back in 2015, we commissioned Luke Bateman and Maz Evans to write a brand new musical called H.R.Haitch… Well, it’s back, and we need your help to get it on!

Before all that though, if you head over to the box office at the Union or Iris you can get tickets for £17.50 using the offer code ‘CHELSEA‘ before 26th March!

In partnership with Shrapnel Theatre, we’re bringing H.R.Haitch into its first full production in May at the Union Theatre from May 9th through to June 2nd

Bertie has something big to tell Chelsea. He’s down on one knee, but it’s not a ring he has in store… it’s a crown. And Chelsea will soon discover that travelling from Barking to Buckingham Palace takes more than a topped-up Oyster Card.

Find out more about the show on our website!

The show is going to star Tori Allen-Martin, as Chelsea, reprising her role from the original showcase, and Iris’ artistic director Daniel Winder returns to direct.

We’re also really excited to have Justin Williams & Jonny Rust designing the show, Lily Howkins choreographing and Oli Rew as musical director, alongside Offie-winner Ben Jacobs designing lights!

Meanwhile, if Luke and Maz sounds familiar, it’s probably because they have won three different Workin Process songwriting awards with Iris(!), and they also featured with their song “The Christmas Table” on Iris Theatre’s Xmas Factor: The Album last year, and at the All Stars show.

This is one Royal Wedding you won’t want to miss..!

Will you help us?

Now, some real talk: the thing about new musical theatre is that it’s really expensive to get going. We’re really lucky to be working with Shrapnel Theatre, who have a history of making musical theatre both new and old, and with the Union Theatre – probably the best established venue for musicals on the London Fringe, but we need your help to get it to the stage.

We’re raising £2,500 through Kickstarter to help fund this project and we’re going to need your help to hit our target! We, along with Luke and Maz, were so very grateful for your help and support in building Xmas Factor’s album at the end of last year, and now we want to take the next massive step with our Workin Process scheme as we bring a brand new musical into fully-fledged production.

With your help in 2017, we took Workin Process from a showcase opportunity and songwriting competitions to a cast recording of a brand new album of musical theatre. Now we have the chance to turn a show we commissioned into a full production!

Please consider backing us – you can find out loads more information over on our funding page.

Oh, and watch the video below, featuring director Daniel Winder and composer Luke Bateman!

You can book tickets on the Union Theatre’s website, or over at Iris’ box office. If you’re a Young Iris member, book through our box office for exclusive discounts! If you’d like to support us making the show please consider pledging to back our Kickstarter campaign.