Xmas Factor Writer Focus: Darren Clark

In case you hadn’t heard (and where have you been if you haven’t?), we’re raising money to make an album of the Xmas Factor: All Stars!

“But who are these all stars?” we hear you cry! Well, look no further, as we delve into our first (and perhaps one of the more prolific, with three songs in the show) writer focus, featuring Darren Clark.

darren-face_1Darren Clark is a composer and lyricist from New Zealand, but who works in theatre in the UK. Aside from being the inaugural recipient of the Stiles & Drewe Mentorship Award, he’s also featured three times in their Best New Song competition, winning runner-up in 2015, and of course a three-time Xmas Factor finalist, winning prizes every time! He’s also a founding member of Paper Balloon Theatre Company and you may have heard about his work this year on Fantastic Mr FoxThese Trees Are Made of Blood, or The Wicker Husband.

His contributions to Xmas Factor over the years include two songs he wrote music and lyrics for – “The Little Match Girl” and “The Angel at the Top of the Tree”, and a third which he co-wrote with lyricist Richy Hughes, “The Beautiful Game”.

You may have seen around our social media that Darren penned a blog about Xmas Factor: All Stars. First off, how he got involved…

About four years ago my girlfriend decided she wanted to volunteer for an event that Iris Theatre were putting on called The Xmas Factor… She didn’t know anything about it, but assumed that as it was a Christmas event there would probably be mulled wine and so she signed up. When she came home that night she told me that it had been a competition for new song writing and that I would have really enjoyed it if I hadn’t been busy sitting in my pants on the sofa.

And then, why it matters to him at all!

It’s now been three years and the XMas factor has given birth to two more of my songs, The Little Match Girl (Audience Award Runner Up) and The Beautiful Game (Audience Award with brilliant lyricist Richy Hughes. Not only that but the XMas factor has been a huge boost for my confidence as a writer and has given me an audience for my work as well as a large amount of mulled wine.

For those of you who haven’t been, The XMas Factor really kicks off your Christmas. It’s a beautiful venue in the Actors Church in Covent Garden and the festive spirit is alive and well with guest bands, brilliant singers, a wonderful host and of course lots of brand new Christmas songs.

But this year is going to be a bit different…

You can check out the rest of his blog here.

Darren is just one of many writers featured at this year’s Xmas Factor: All Stars, and all three of his songs will appear on the album if we can raise the money to make it! If you would like to support us then click here, and make sure you get your tickets before they’re all gone here!