#IrisMacbeth: A Fond Farewell

Working in theatre comes with its highs and lows, and each new show holds its own unique memories and challenges – which is all part of what makes the experience so exciting. However, as with every run, Iris’ Macbeth has finally come to an end. Here we take a look at some of  the top moments that made it all worth it.

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It is safe to say that it was especially rewarding when the five-star reviews came in, and we could all celebrate our work together on such an outstanding production. David Hywel Baynes once again returned to Iris Theatre as the lead protagonist after his critically-acclaimed and Offie-nominated performance in Richard III, and was loved just as much by reviewers in his role as Macbeth, this time, with Mogali Masuku by his side. Masuku made her “heart-breaking” and “convincing” professional debut as Lady Macbeth, and we couldn’t be more proud. To find out more, read our reviews round-up here.

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As this year’s first summer production, Macbeth was also an opportunity for us to take further steps to enhancing audience enjoyment of an Iris show. Aside from providing interactive workshops and examiner-approved Macbeth notes for our new and returning school groups, we also launched bespoke packages for corporates and parties, which will continue to be available for our future shows. Keep your eyes peeled for more exclusive deals, developments and partnerships! Speaking of which…

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We always aim to go above and beyond for our audiences, and this year you might have noticed some changes around the bar. London craft beers and Fentiman’s botanically brewed fizzy drinks are an upmarket addition to our usual stock. We were also delighted to partner with local booksellers Primrose Hill Books to provide everybody with some riveting reading material for after the show. So if, like us, you’re not quite ready to leave Macbeth behind, there’s still time to brush up on our recommendations and get your nose stuck in a book or two.

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And finally – nothing is more fitting to mention in a blog post than our new blog! For Macbeth, the new blog saw us update our site so that we could share everything from stage-fighting insights and backstage videos with the masses.

It is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to the wonderful cast, crew and volunteers of Macbeth, but so much more is on the horizon. Stay tuned on our blog and social media for updates as we welcome in our next open-air theatre show Hansel & Gretel. The mystery, magic, witchcraft and wonder doesn’t end here!