#Iris10: Q&A with Simon Kent!

When/how did you get involved with Iris?
I auditioned for Wind in the Willows when I was leaving drama school in 2010 and was lucky enough to be cast in that and Romeo and Juliet that year.

What was your favourite Iris production from the past 10 years (and why)?
Julius Caesar. The reaction from the audience was really magical. People of all ages and backgrounds seemed to get gripped in their own way and it felt like there was an electricity around the place every time we started.

What’s your best memory of Iris?
So many! The reaction of the crowd as the boys started the party scene dance in Romeo and Juliet. Kids reactions as we stole food from their picnics in Wind in the Willows. Mad Hatters Tea party – where a samba band was playing so loudly outside the church that all the actors could do was give up on the lines and dance! Walking outside the church (in public) in full riot gear during Julius Caesar so we could make our entrance without being seen by the audience. Schoolroom scene in Pinocchio – encouraging the kids to go against what they know about theatre etiquette and have some mischievous fun! I could keep going but ill leave it there!!

What does Iris Theatre mean to you?
Its basically a theatrical family. Not just the theatre company but the church as well – a real friendly home where you can pop in anytime.

Sum up Iris Theatre in three words.
Joyful. Magical. Family.